HOA Annual Meeting 12.16.19 ~ Minutes

Bentley Court HOA Annual Meeting 2019 

Monday, December 16, 2019, 6:30 pm

Meeting held at the home of Greg Mills, President

Minutes recorded by Margot Diersen, Secretary

Call to Order   

President Mills called the meeting to order at 7:15 pm.  Prior to the start of the meeting, attendees socialized and enjoyed an array of delicious foods and drinks generously provided by Mills.


Officers:  Greg Mills, President, Ron Polus, Vice President and Margot Diersen, Secretary

Residents:  Andrew Bartholomai, Dave Diersen, Gayle Johnson, Steve Johnson, Gina Williams and Chunlin Yang


Minutes for the 11.5.17 meeting were approved on motion by S. Johnson and seconded by D. Diersen.

Financial Report

In lieu of a Treasurer (former Treasurer, Craig Eich moved out of Bentley Court), President Mills provided the financial report as follows:

  • Current bank balance is $5,300.
  • Prior to the mailing of recent invoices for 2018 and 2019 HOA dues, overdue dues from prior years amounted to $2,845.  This past due amount coupled with the current amount of dues owed for 2018 and 2019 and recently invoiced, equals $13,357.48 outstanding at this time.
  • Most of the expense during the past two years was paid to Mother Nature’s Landscaping for upkeep of the landscaping and mowing in the front section of the subdivision.  In addition, the Bentley Court signs were repainted by Everywhere Signs at a cost of $500+; a new bulb was purchased for the front lights; the Google account was paid at $70/yr.; post office box was paid at $70/yr; and insurance was paid at $430+/yr.

The financial report was approved on motion by D. Diersen and seconded by S. Johnson.

President’s Report

Mills reported that:

  • Homeowners may now use PayPal to pay dues either annually or monthly.  Homeowners who have accrued overdue balances may immediately contact President, Greg Mills by phoning or texting him at 812.322.4297 or emailing him at gmills@fbforiginals.com to work together to develop a reasonable payment plan. 
  • If a full slate of officers is not presented this evening, Mills will post a letter on www.BentleyCourt.wordpress.com to all homeowners to again request nominations for the BOD.  If a full Board of Directors is not established, the HOA will begin investigating the costs and capabilities of a management firm to handle the business of the HOA.  If this measure is taken, HOA dues will increase exponentially and the hired management firm will be obliged to ensure all Bentley Court Covenants and By-Laws are strictly enforced. Attendees expressed the hope that residents will take their fair turn serving on the BOD, as has been the practice since Bentley Court subdivision was established.

The President’s Report was approved on motion by M. Diersen and seconded by Polus.

Election of Officers

  • Mills asked all attendees to consider running for office and stated that he would be happy to host future HOA meetings in his home if that would be helpful.  He stated that there is a need to elect a new BOD of homeowners who want to make the most of the HOA and have the time to engage. For himself, Mills stated that with his employment work schedule and the travel required, he cannot continue to serve on the BOD.  All BOD officer positions are open and available for 2020.
  • Nominations were as follows:  Andrew Bartholomai as Treasurer and Gina Williams as Secretary.  Both agreed to consider serving if elected.
  • As there was not a full slate of nominees, it was determined to schedule another HOA meeting for election of officers on Monday, February 17, 2020 at 7 pm at the home of Greg Mills.  In the meantime, homeowners may contact Mills to express an interest in running for any office or to nominate another homeowner for any of the four offices.

Other Business

Discussion was held regarding delinquent accounts and what actions may be employed to collect these unsettled payments.  It was suggested that the BOD add late fees or a percentage penalty for delinquent accounts. It was agreed if payments are not forthcoming or arrangements made by the homeowners to make reasonable payments to bring their accounts current, our BOD will contact our HOA attorney to determine what actions to take.  All agreed it is unfortunate we have neighbors who do not follow the Covenants and By-Laws in doing their fair share, but rather depend on their neighbors for the upkeep of our beautiful neighborhood. It was reiterated that no one can purchase a home in Bentley Court without agreeing to the stipulations of the HOA, therefore, all homeowners know coming in the requirements and dues of the HOA.  By purchasing a home in Bentley Court, each party agrees to HOA membership to keep Bentley Court in top condition and at a very reasonable cost.  


The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 pm on motion by D. Diersen  seconded by S. Johnson.